I will miss…

Lent 2014 012

As we begin Great Lent I would like to say goodbye to the following items…

Chocolate. Oh we have our great times and you have helped me celebrate moments of joy in my life and you have been with me through moments of sadness. I will miss you but separation makes the heart grow is what they say.

Meat. Yes cheeseburgers will be missed and great steak from Whole Foods will be thought about during these 50 days, but think about all the money that will be saved by not buying steak. All the veggie burgers from Costco will not replace you.

TV. Even though we do not spend that much time together I will still miss the PBS programs and European news. All my worldly updates will have to now come to me from people. We will meet again TV.

Dairy. We have a bumpy relationship it seems like because my son gets agitated once I start eating dairy. But dairy, oh dairy the ice cream you help make delicious will be missed.

Although I will miss these items I know that somewhere down the line during Lent true peace will be met by true suffering. Let me now remind myself that fasting without prayer is useless. That it is not about just giving up physical items but spiritual faults as well. Prayer, fasting and alms giving, a good recipe for Lent.


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