“Before Thy cross we bow down in worship oh Master…

And Thy holy resurrection we glorify.”

Most Christians wear crosses around their neck as a necklace to show that they are followers of Christ. This Sunday of the Cross in Orthodox Christianity symbols for us that first off we have somehow through great suffering not only made it half way through Lent but that we also have a cross to bear if we want to follow Christ. I wear a cross around my neck to remind myself of the cross that I must bare as a Christian. My little bundle of joy got a cross when he got baptized as well since he also will bear his own cross in life. The good thing about the cross is that not only does it mean that we have to bear a cross in life but also the resurrection of Christ as well. This got me thinking about the cross and the resurrection and about the everyday woes in my own life that have happened and how by the cross they were conquered.

During our recent trip to the pediatrician’s office we got the news that most new time parents dread. “Well it looks like your son has eczema AND is teething.” What happens now we wonder? This is a whole new experience that we do not know how to handle just when we thought that things were somehow beginning to fall into place. Hmmm teething, that explains the restlessness and sleepless nights then. Talk about feeling like a bad parent when you get frustrated with your child about waking you up more often at night and being mad and then realizing that they are in a lot of pain and are itchy, what a bad combination. It made me think about the cross that he has to start bearing in life even while he is so young and how he has to start having to deal with things that are unpleasant for him. As he becomes more and more restless and we try to deal with his painful and itchy problem I start to realize that his little cross affects us as I am sure his decisions he will make in life will forever impact us in some way as parents. For the first time ever I start thinking… Are we all connected?

My spiritual father once told me that community is very important in our lives. Community that understands what we are going through that are striving for the same things in life. He also talked to me a lot about how my own sins effect others just like my accomplishments effect them as well. We are taught by Christ Himself to pray for each other to love one another to the point of even loving our enemies. How can we not be connected right? We begin each Lent by asking forgiveness of one another. We suffer through Lent together side by side and try to encourage one another in this spiritual life.

So as this Sunday of the Cross marks the middle of Lent and we brace ourselves at our home here for more waking up during the night to deal with an itch monster I start to realize more and more that my sins do effect my family, my friends, my church community. I have to bear my own cross and deal with my own set backs in life just like every person, even my little 4 month old has set backs he has to start dealing with now.  All I can do now is hope in that cross and love it and know that by it death is concurred and it is the Resurrection we glorify.

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