There once was a cat named Trouble…

From the first moment I saw his little button eyes I knew he was going to be trouble. His name fits him perfectly. He is Trouble. It is true what they say that things live up to their name. I should have thought ahead before naming a cat Trouble but oh well. Yes I used to make fun of him while he was a kitten and could not meow, but now he is making up for all that and never stops his roar. Yes, this is my cat Trouble, he wakes up my child every time he takes a nap and goes to sleep for the night. “It’s too much to be a coincidence,” says my husband. Maybe he is some special cat, I mean he was adopted off the streets of Long Beach from a crazy cat lady that was giving kittens away. He did circle around his brother until his brother was adopted with him. Too smart? Maybe. Yes, this little fur ball might look cute but definitely causes too much trouble sometimes. My little furry pal. This post is for you.

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