This life is a spiritual struggle. To conquer or to be conquered! If we conquer, we will enjoy the fruits of victory through all eternity. If we are defeated, we will endure the horrors of destruction through all eternity. This life is a duel between man and all that opposes God. God is an almighty Ally to all who sincerely call upon Him for help. ” This life is not a joke or a plaything,” says Father John of Kronstadt, ‘but men turn it into a joke and plaything. The capricious play around with the time given to us for preparing for eternity; they play around with empty words. They gather together as guests, they sit and chatter and after that they sit and play this or that game. They gather in theaters, and there they entertain themselves. All of life is an amusement for them. But woe unto them who do nothing but entertain themselves!”

St. Nikolai Velimirovoc

What a great reflection to ponder on while we go on about our daily lives. How easily are we distracted by media and worldly cares. Even if we walk into McDonald’s there are TV screens. The other day I pulled up to a gas station and my son in the back seat was fascinated by the flashy screen that was showing the latest entertainment gossip while I was pumping gas, all in a short section just enough  time to get into your head the headlines that don’t matter. It is at these times that when I read things that were written centuries ago makes me really realize that the book of Proverbs is true when it sates “vanity vanity, all is vanity. There is nothing new under the sun.” Lent 2014 024


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