Apostle’s Fast

Here we go once again with fasting. Yes it is true what is said about Orthodoxy, we have more fast days in our calender that fast free days. I really enjoy these short fasts because they are enough to restrain yourself from eating too much in the summer time and not long enough to where you cannot enjoy your summer. But of course fasting is never really about the food. Our last day of Sunday school left me with an interesting thought to start the fast. We had a presentation on Pentecost and the gifts of the Holy Spirit and candles with each gift and shut the lights out and gave each child a candle to light. (This is based of the Catechists of the Good Shepherd presentation which our Sunday school uses) After everyone lit a candle the room was noticeably brighter and one particular child stated… ” It is like this room is the world and we bring our light into it” hmmm interesting indeed… to my poor soul anyways.

Lent 2014 037


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