Summer Love




“Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature.” -Plato

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“Joy is thankfulness, and when we are joyful, that is the best expression of thanks we can offer the Lord, Who delivers us from sorrow and sin.”  – Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

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“When your children are still small, you have to help them understand what is good. That is the deepest meaning of life.”

+ Elder Paisios

“Aww 8 months old, I bet you are getting sleep finally,” says the clerk at Petco. If only he knew that last night my son woke up after I have been asleep for 30 minutes and would not go back to sleep. What do people say about not judging a book by it’s cover again? Despite the sleep deprivation I have finally come to a point where the battle for my own pride is not worth fighting for anymore. That life is unpredictable and I need to let go of my own will. And the battle for good seems a bit more easier to fight.

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Ever feel like…

You are between a rock and a hard place?

Sometimes life can be a bit crazy. Overwhelming. Chaotic. Stressful. Happy. Sad. Depressing. All the above? At times it feels like that happy saying “when it rains it pours” applies to moments in our own life. During times of trial and tribulations I try to stay positive as long as I can until I loose all the faith in the world and always blame Christ for my problems. If only I had this or that or this then life would be so much easier. I forget the main focus in life which is life in Christ, His teachings, His Church. Sometimes when my son refuses to eat the meals that I prepared, cries about putting on clothes or diapers and other wonderful things kids seem to do to drive us mad, I forget the main point.

Fr. Seraphim Rose said that we should always think of our live as a pilgrimage here on earth. We are guests of the King of kings, so we must behave as guests are expected to behave. How easy it is for me to not focus on the center and just focus on the rock and a hard place instead. Oh Heavenly King, the comforter the Spirit of truth. Who art everywhere and fillest all things. Treasury of good gifts, and giver of life. Come and abide in us. Cleanse us from all impurity, and save our souls oh good one.

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The way I see it…

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Recently my household has been turned upside down. I started working part time, my son got sick and also finally got his first tooth break through. Hoorayy for teeth. If you are a parent then you know the agony of teething infants. It also does not help that we were told by the pediatrician that he would be an early teether. Parenting has its surprises for sure. The way I see it… Its a great way to get to know yourself as a person, to try to empty out the junk that is in our drawers and somewhat organize ourselves.