The way I see it

Life as a parent can get a bit rough. The majority of the time it seems like parents always try to fool themselves into thinking that everything is fine by replying to everyone’s questions with a well prepared response of “oh parenting is such a joy.” Recently my husband took my son to a family that we love and look up to for a good old fashioned BBQ during this hot and sticky summer. My son got to see new things, watch kids play around and eat some dirt. “I hate is when parents say that everything is ok and they love it,” says a mother of four “ yes, they may love it but lets just face it its not ok until you survive parenthood.”

The sleepless nights, the constant change, the noise, the crying, and the diaper bag packing as if you are going on a vacation. Let’s not fail to mention my famous black cat named Trouble that seems to wake up my son every time he is asleep with his echoing howls in the hallways. Parenthood. We have arrived. Ladies and gentlemen you will not be getting off until your children are out of your house or stable on their own sometime in the future. Meanwhile you will just be getting older and more and more tiered by the day.

The way I see it… a great sacrifice. True martyrdom to self and living for someone else. All the while trying to stay calm, maintain peace, not get angry and find time to pray. “This is probably the hardest thing that I have ever done in life,” my husband states. That realization  has never hit me until I became a mother.

Summer '14 108


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