Summer 08 220Here is a nice treat I spotted while driving back, decided to stop and capture the moment. Have a camera at all times is my goal right now. Life is like a box of chocolates :o)



You know when Sunday of the Cross is coming when:

Monday : No sleep because of waking baby

Tuesday: Lack of communication at work = gossip and people bringing each other down= bad work day

Wednesday: Baby naps only 10 minutes each nap (3 naps total in the day) continue the no sleep because of waking baby

Thursday: Yet another day at work where every procedure goes wrong and every doctor gets mad and every nurse is mad at something that takes everything out on everyone

Friday: Preparing for baptisms on Saturday just to find out that our Godson is sick and will not be baptized (we are still hoping he will get dunked tomorrow)

Summer '14 025

With that said let us all just take a breath and find the beauty in somthing!