Caught in a moment. Taken by my husband that caught me in my mama moment. Me and my boys.


A tale of a potty…

Recently our family decided to go out and about the city before nap time and give our child a chance to run around with the local kids at the playground next to the MET all while trying to potty train.

We decided to take the potty with us in the back seat of our car so we would not have to deal with trying to find a potty at the playground or just dirty seats in general. All was going well as my son was having a good time and so far still had dry pants.

“I think he has to go bad now,” says my husband.

“Well let’s take him to the restroom here at the playground,” I suggest. Since the NY private school kids were using it and our car was 10 blocks away I thought it was a better idea.


“He didn’t go,” says my husband after his attempt to distract and have him at least sit, “but he really has to go and he’s holding it” he adds.

Ok ok we make the decision to walk back to our car since our meter was going to run out anyways. If he gets wet pants then oh well at least we will be going home. 

We get to our car and try to put him on the potty in the back of the car.


We think he has stage fright because of all the stuff going on around us. Have you ever been to NY city? Yep, very busy. We decide to put the potty in the passenger front seat and use the doors as a way of privacy. Finally he sits down.

Yes victory! 

A big city tour group bus is pulling up right next to us at this point. Yes the one that has two stories with people sitting on top. My husband is trying to keep a toddler from getting up because of all the commotion and be calm at the same time. 

“Just go potty you have to go,” he says with a really tense voice.

Meanwhile people on the top level are laughing and taking pictures, while the guy that’s parking his car in front of us doesn’t seem to care cause he’s probably a local and they have seen it all. I can’t help but laugh as well thinking to myself that these people getting a tour of NY city just experienced a typical NY crazy moment they will probably tell their friends about. Glad to be a part of it.

My son did finally go potty though. Horay for potty training!


All is quiet here around the house, not a sound is heard not even a mouse… Finally after having once of those bad mama parenting days the house is quiet. Tuesday’s are all day and night school days for my husband here in seminary making my night of putting two kids to sleeping by myself extremely difficult. 

Milk is all my son wanted tonight but we didn’t have any and all I wanted was a beer. Thankfully we both got what we wanted from a generous friend by the end of the night. Now two hours later the house is quiet while both boys are asleep. This rarely happens in parenting it feels like. 

So cheers to all you parents out there dealing with bedtime routines, bedtime battles and all that jazz. Good night.

All the leaves are falling down…

Here we are the start off fall. It feels very official now since the start of fall is seen everywhere here in New York because of the change in colors. Back in California we never experienced this change since the weather keeps warm or hot all year round and when it does cool down a degree or two then it always climbs back up to the normal warm/hot a few days later. Outfits remain the same all year round really, maybe an occasional sweater or jacket to buy will add that fall feeling to your wardrobe.

“I don’t think the weather is going to be getting warmer” says my frightful husband that has never truly lived in a weather changing place his whole life. I for once am going to enjoy these seasons for a while. Maybe when the snow comes and we can’t go outside anymore then I will have a different opinion, but for now my opinion remains.

All the leaves are falling down red, orange, yellow and brown. Yes all seasonal crafts that we can do and actually experience the season sounds like a good mom time to me.

Happy Friday!

Just a typical start to a Friday here in New York. A special moment today for me and my first born. Woke up this morning and got a chance to take a break from the baby and just hang out with my son. Running up and down the hill, climbing hills, rolling on the ground , chasing squirrels, kicking a soccer ball around. 

Sometimes it’s hard to see what you are missing until you experience it again. What special happiness rest in small moments of our lives. Why do we take things for granted sometimes?

Lord grant me to greet the coming day in peace and all that it shall bring 

Back again…

Here I am again. Back after a long hiatus, one child added and a move to seminary for my husband to attend. I have decided once again to have what they call an “outlet” and start blogging again.

Adjusting to life with a brand new place and a new child and a new way of life has been difficult. But all of life seems to always be in some ways difficult right? 

What I miss the most is taking pictures. There’s nothing like taking a good photo for me. Captures a moment forever and nowadays sends them off to blog space and your life will somehow be recorded in some way for people to relate to or look back on. 

Yes this is my confession…