It seems lately that my house has become a battleground. My oldest son is refusing to take naps in the day and is really restless because of it. He has also developed a habit of peeing on the bed. For no apparent reason really. Maybe he thinks he is a puppy. 

Of course it is fitting for him to be looking at a sword book and teaching his younger brother battle tactics. 

“Chaaaarrge!” He yells as he holds his own sword and tells me to run after him. 

“Oh honey if only I can have your energy,” I think to myself as I lay there on the couch drinking my 3rd cup of coffee. I am beginning to think coffee has lost its effect on me or maybe it’s not strong enough. Whatever the reason I now drink coffee like water at 5pm and still can crash on the couch by 9pm.

Whoever wants to argue that motherhood is not at all hard and that we lay around all day doing nothing, can talk to me about what it’s like to clean up pee everyday (and try not to be mad) waking up at 4am everyday and dealing with a complaining toddler because he didn’t get his nap. No guarantees I will listen.


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