Scene of the crime

As I sit quietly in my apartment while feeding my infant I hear a horrific scream from my oldest son who is playing outside with the next door neighbor.

As both me and my husband run towards him to see what is wrong we look down at his hand and realize that our son just got bit by the neighbors kid! What is a parent to do in the situation really? 

Thankfully the father of the child was really mad at his son and made sure he knew that biting is not an ok action to share with friends. 

While I listened to world war 3 (toddler version) waves pass into a calming stream I realized that my son is loosing his innocence.

He will soon be learning bad traits from kids and know that biting is not ok and maybe bite someone back. He will soon start defending himself because the world will bring experience his way. 

In the middle of all the drama I couldn’t help but think ahead in life  and appreciate this small battle he had to fight today. 

Yes they grow up too fast.


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