Once a week my sons and I go to this meetup group to play in a forest with a bunch of like minded parents that want a different experience for their kids.

My son was having a good time today running away from me and climbing hills he was not supposed to, while I attempted to change him and have a good time. 

Things changed when his brother woke up from his extra long nap and wanted to eat right away. Yes toddlers have no patience and newborns have no patience. 

My son was climbing a hill that he was determined to break his head on when I stepped in to get him down so I can post somewhere safe to feed his brother. 

“Noooooo, no, noooooo,” he yells of course. He wants what he wants when he wants it he is two. 

“No we are going down so your brother can eat,” I say trying to remain calm in front of the attachment parenting people that are staring at my parenting style.

“Do you need help?” One asks.

“No it’s ok I just need to get down,” I lie.

My son is crying having a full on temper tantrum at this point all while still standing on a hill and is now trying to hit his mother to get his way. Big no no.

Finally I give off my newborn to another parent and grab my two year old and drag him down the hill to put him into time out for the hitting. He is crying while standing there in time out and people keep staring at me with looks on their faces like how can I allow my child to stand there and cry!

Phewww finally I get control of my emotions and grab my now crying newborn back. I tell my two year old to come to me and give him a hug and say “no hitting.”

Everyone is calm and walking towards our things. “You know there’s this book you should read about playing with your kids and being part of their world and not using discipline.” 

Right. No time out for hitting. Not my cup of tea thank you.


5 thoughts on “Outcast

  1. I totally hear you here. We have totally been “those parents” for letting our kids throw their tantrum and not give in to their demands. It’s hard to stick you your parenting beliefs when you feel like others are judging you. But don’t worry, I suspect they were all mostly feelin bad for you, just grateful that, for once, it wasn’t their kid making waves. Great job!

  2. Sounds like you did great! There is nothing more stressful than a crying newborn and a toddler testing their limits with you at the same exact time…..I agree with trying distracting when my toddler is misbehaving, but for hitting, he gets a time out because he needs to learn that that is wrong. Point blank.

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