Quiet thought 

Often times it is a hard struggle for me to see God in the everyday mundane tasks of life. I often struggle with the thought that I am not really completing anything really that important. I mean really how holy can washing dishes be? 

Today I got reminded of a story of a saint visiting two married women because God showed him that those women have reached a level of holiness that he himself has not reached. He wanted to learn from these women so he went out to find them and their secret was no more than completing normal household tasks. The story is told by St. Macarius the great and the women’s names are unknown to us. 

It made me take a step back and realize that my battle right now does involve bedtimes and dishes and wonderful eczema infant issues, but that is ok. Stay at home moms struggles are often not noticed. I made the mistake in my mind to not appreciate being a mom. 

Thank God for His mercy and quiet moments He gives us in the middle of the chaos to gently remind us of how important our lives really are. 


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