Uncharted territory 

As I sit quietly in front of my icons I say a prayer that is all too familiar to me. Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me a sinner. The new live in seminary and the uncertain role I am going to be stepping into sets in.

My husband might become priest one day and be responsible for many people. What would my role be to those people as a priests wife? Life here in seminary seems like a learning ground not just for the seminarians but also the ones that are not fortunate enough to learn about the nous and the natures of Christ. 

As I read different books now about modern women, priests wife’s in the church and their lives I realize that I am entering uncharted territory. People back in California are already treating me different. Gossip seems to travel across the coast. So as I sit here and look at my icons I truly say the Jesus prayer with all my heart. 

Once again another chapter in my life is being written and it’s scary as well as exciting. Life here in seminary is not just for my husband but for me as well. A battlefield I must train in. 

Lord have mercy indeed.


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