First week round up

This week was a cold one. King winter has definitely come. Our addition to circle time is this finger play because it’s cold but no snow yet. We will add another once there’s snow on the ground:

Now that king winter has come to stay

All the trees are bare

Little birds must fly away

To find their food elsewhere 

Little seeds lie hidden

In the quiet dark earth 

Waiting till they’re bidden 

To rise above the earth

We focused on a letter B this week with my own story for the boys about a bear that wants to pray and he searches the forest for an animal that knows how to pray. He sees a beaver and the beaver cannot pray and he sees a butterfly but the butterfly cannot pray either. They hear of a monk that lives deep in the forest that prays all day. So the bear goes and finds the monk.

This is a shortened version of course of St. Seraphim of Sorov that is a beloved saint in the Orthodox Church but this is from the bears side of the story. 

I am still working on my artwork.

We also made our friends presents this week for St. Nicholas feast day on Tuesday. Our original idea with salt dough backfired because there was not enough room to fill with beeswax but in the end we ended up making a bear and a letter B then painted them blue and used them as ornaments for the tree. Our friends got cookies and a regular tall beeswax candle we made.

We also finished up the week with walking the letter B and braving the cold days with daily outside time.

I have noticed that the boys need to have games when we go outside because it’s cold so taking walks and playing I spy works for us. These stumps we are hoping to transfer to our house and use them as play things for the boys. 

Our random acts of kindness this week included; listening to someone, giving a hug, and giving something to someone else.

More ordinations this weekend for us in seminary. Then off to Mt. Athos goes my husband for 2 weeks! After Christmas of course. 

Blessings to all.


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