One week left

Well this week took us by surprise. It turned cold on us here with snow and more snow on the way. Our weekly walk to the library almost turned into a disaster with everyone almost frozen when we got there. 

We went over the letter G today with a story about the Golden Goose modified a little. 

These are the books I use for my drawing, poem and letters inspiration.

We painted as well with mixing blue and red together. We mainly use primary colors so when the colors mix and make a new color it’s a nice discovery.

With the snow storm coming and the weather getting colder we did end up exploring our local nature center where they set up really nice displays for the school groups that come as they learn about life back in the day. We got to play around with the shelter they build and the animal skins before the school groups took over. 

Also said hi to the chickens…

Some beautiful views as we took our hike.

The rest of the week consisted of us attending a co op Christmas play and making our own beeswax molding clay which was a nice experiment. We melted the left over beeswax then added coconut oil and lanolin and a red crayon for color. Came out good but I ended up ordering the real deal to see the difference.

Loving the cold right now because we focus on family time more and stories and games and warm tea.

Blessings to all.


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