Well what does one do with 2 children while husband is away? 

I still take the kids out daily outside rain or shine. Snow or wind. We have been enjoying snow recently that is finally falling down today how fitting for old calendar Christmas. 

We also have been having fun with building forts and playing with lots and lots of open ended toys. I have noticed that we really do not miss our TV since we have gotten rid of it before we moved to NY. All toys that are not open ended also have a shorter play interest from the boys. I noticed also that during this indoor time their imaginations have really flourished. 

Board games that are cooperative games are our favorites. It basically has players playing against the board and not another person. I’ve noticed with younger kids around here it’s all about who wins who’s better who’s faster etc.  I am sure that will come on it’s own later in my kids lives but for now we are enjoying playing against the board.

Wet on wet painting is something else that has been consistent in our lives and lots of drawing with block crayons we made ourselves.

As far as taking care of myself I am able to say more prayers at night and have more silence which is always a great fruit. 


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