Snow day

Oh New York when will spring actually come? 

We are getting another snow storm here in NYC. Sigh. Being screen free parents can be hard and tempting at times especially when everyone around you has gone to the library to get movies for snow day for their kids. Well here we go, what do we do all day…

  1. Go out- there is no bad weather just bad clothes. 
  2. Read books about snow day- our favorite are The Mitten, and The Hat, also I Spy books
  3. Feed the birds- we just got a bird feeder that attaches to the window and all the winter birds are having a Feast outside our window.
  4. Make forts- provides hiding games and small reading nooks.
  5. Board games- Dinosaurs Escape, Friends and Neighbors we enjoy cooperating games.
  6. Play bowling, basketball, baseball… inside.
  7. Bake something- nothing like a good smelling house on a snowy day.

These might sounds like a lot of work for people especially when kids fight and make a huge mess you’d rather not clean up. It is a lot easier to put on a movie sometimes when they are whining about being bored, but why not let them be bored? 


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