Sunday song time

There’s Sunday and there’s Monday there’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday there’s Thursday and there’s Friday and then there’s Saturday. Days of the week (clap clap) days of the week (clap clap) days of the week days of the week days of the week (clap clap)

This week we went over the days of the week with the little ones and it’s always a struggle to get children sitting still after they have already been sitting still in Liturgy for some time. This week I decided to be a super teacher and prepare the whole lesson by heart. I ended up reading the lesson and just memorize all the main parts so I can tell the students the actual lesson instead of reading from a paper.

This approach works especially well with students of all ages it feels like. I think that the students feel it and know it as well if you are prepared or not. So with that said the overall focus of the lesson did stick with them better since my own train of thought wasn’t being interrupted by looking down.

We had the priest come and show the children the real chalice and gospel book. This added an extra conversion piece to the lesson and also we got to talk about the decorations on both. This gave them some ideas on how to decorate their own pages. The jewel stones for decorating was the main piece the students used after they were done glueing their chalice piece and gospel book to their main lesson page.

What you can do at home:

Talk about what it means to keep Sunday holy. Talk about the gospel reading or the homily after church driving home. How can we apply it to our lives?



You baptized the master, help us follow him too

Today is the day that us Orthodox Christians commemorate the beheading of the prophet and forerunner baptist John. I got to thinking about this saints life and I can’t help but ponder on how he had a way with words. He caused his own father to speak when he was born, while he was still in his mothers womb he leaped inside when the Theotokos visited St. Elizabeth, he told everyone about the true God before baptizing Christ. Yes St. John and language had something special.

I cannot help but think about my own words and my own relationship to people. My own words have caused much sadness in people when I am angry and lash out. At other times I try to be an encouragement to others and build them up. At times my own words have no place and I just need to not say anything at all.

On this day that we remember one girls words “I want the head of John on a platter,” and how it changed one mans life. I hope to choose the right words in my time with people. May it be my own awareness for this day.


But parents for their children

Before I had children I used to teach Sunday school with a lot of enthusiasm. My own naive knowledge about how children bring out the worst in yourself was very far away from my mind. Yes I used to be that person that judged the other mothers that had children and promised myself that I wouldn’t be a certain way and that, of course, my own children would never act a certain way.

Fast forward to three kids later, now I realize that one thing is certain…I needed a major reality check. As my number of children increased, one thing that my kids taught me was that I am living a life for them. They have their own ideas and they have their own direction that they want to go into. It’s my job to guide them the best way that I can, but it’s definitely parents for the children.

I hope that I watch them become strong and kind men. I hope I can have enough patience to deal with their ever changing personality and be a presence in their lives.