Who cares

Who cares for the rain we are going to play outside anyways!

My goal so far has been to give my kids a chance to go outside everyday no matter the weather. Today was a test run here with bundling up and letting my son play in rain puddles and walk in the rain. Coming from sunny California this is a start of a new challenge for us and everyone around the seminary does not seem to care about the weather change except my other CA friend. 

We exchange comments about how we have no clothes for the winter, how we have our space heaters on already and how we officially have to start wearing wool socks. Yes people make fun of us for bundling up so early in the game of colder weather, so I have decided to say who cares to the cold weather. 

At least we were the only ones outside jumping in rain puddles :o) simple joys of life.


Happy Friday!

Just a typical start to a Friday here in New York. A special moment today for me and my first born. Woke up this morning and got a chance to take a break from the baby and just hang out with my son. Running up and down the hill, climbing hills, rolling on the ground , chasing squirrels, kicking a soccer ball around. 

Sometimes it’s hard to see what you are missing until you experience it again. What special happiness rest in small moments of our lives. Why do we take things for granted sometimes?

Lord grant me to greet the coming day in peace and all that it shall bring