Well greetings friends!

Finally back here from our California adventures and ready to finish off our last semester here in NY. We all had such a great break and bypassed the whole winter storm in NY. We did feel a bit bad when everyone of our friends was freezing and we were at the beach with swimming trunks and flip flops. I guess thats why people leave NY for winter.

It is already mid January and I was thinking about making slower homeschooling plans this month and swinging back in February. Still planning on doing Waldorf Essentials for kindergarten and maybe modified stories from “Tell me a Story” for the rest of January.

During our vacation my husband still did a lot of work for the church. For Theophany we blessed the Pacific Ocean! The turn out was great with the ocean being warm that day and all the kids playing at the beach afterwards. For Orthodox Christians it’s a tradition to throw the cross in the water and the person to first get it will have a fruitful year. We were glad to serve the community and heard that it was so cold in NY the creek that is usually used in Theophany service was frozen! Bbbrrrrr…

Here are snippets from our break! As you can tell we spend a lot of time at the beach.

And back to…

Blessed week to come!



We finally went to the Bronx Zoo since we’ve been living in NY. It was a great place to escape on a cold day. Look at all the color…

The moon greeting us on the way out 

What a great day! 


Hunting for animal tracks in the snow is a good past time in the snow outside and also great to show them where animals go.

Snow covered hill

I love shapes of trees, especially this one that looks like it’s own frame.

To go or not to go… that is the question for a toddler.

Seminary church