Revealed them to babes

Oh babies. They are a lot of work. If you are part of the lucky crowd that has babies that sleep, treasure it. None of my kids sleep. They wake up super early after being up all night because they are somehow excited about the night. Maybe it’s the darkness that’s the appeal, I have never understood that about babies.

Today, as I sip my very strong cup of coffee, Christ reminds me to look at the baby. See their simplicity and total trust that their caregiver will take care of them. They are not wise and understanding. Babies just trust. In fact they still love you after you have been the grumpiest mother ever. I can definitely take some notes, even from a baby.


The day

Woe to you scribes and Pharisees

My kids have a really great habit of waking up super early in the morning and just being ready for the day to begin even before I am. This tends to snowball to waking up on the wrong side of the bed for me and the day going downhill faster than I can say “coffee.” When this happens, most likely, I am going through my day checking off things on our to-do list rather than enjoy my kids.

Today, the scripture reading reminds me to regain my focus. In my own life, however mundane it may seem, to see Christ there. Fulfilling his holy will for my life. Let me not miss the point as did the Pharisees. Christ was standing right in front of them and they were still more focused on having the outside be clean rather than the inside.


He could do no mighty works there

Financial struggles seem to bring on lots of jealousy for me since I always look at how things could be solved with money. Yes it is wrong to think that way but in the end when you have financial struggles, then it all goes away if you have enough money. That’s what my stubborn mind thinks anyways.

We have never been the “financially stable” or “debt free” family. I racked up a lot with my student debt when I was on the whole “I am a free career woman” kick. I was constantly fighting Gods will for my life. In the end I just wanted to be home with my kids. So now how could I not be a little jealous of what others have?

It seems that jealousy prevents us from getting Gods help and healing into our lives. In his own town he could do no mighty work, because people there were questioning who he was and were jealous of his power. So I look on to try to not be jealous. Of even other moms out there that seem to have that perfect cake baked for the homeschooling meetup. I try to just look at Christ and allow him to heal me.