This is how we all feel this morning. My oldest son is getting to a stage where he is cutting out an afternoon nap and since he is going to sleep by 7pm he is waking up earlier than usual. 

He has always been an early bird ever since he was born but now it’s 5am wake up calls for me. Dealing with a newborn during the night and waking up at 5am is not a recipie for a happy mother.

Solution… Give the oldest a glass of milk and some bread while attempting to explain that it’s still dark out and parents need to sleep. 

Does not seem to work with a 2 year old. 

So today as I attempt to make it through a birthday party and two kids by myself, coffee is my best friend. 

Since it would be too embarrassing to put an actual photo of my tired face today, I decided to put my tiered but yet very adorable infant so everyone can get an idea what I’m talking about.



All is quiet here around the house, not a sound is heard not even a mouse… Finally after having once of those bad mama parenting days the house is quiet. Tuesday’s are all day and night school days for my husband here in seminary making my night of putting two kids to sleeping by myself extremely difficult. 

Milk is all my son wanted tonight but we didn’t have any and all I wanted was a beer. Thankfully we both got what we wanted from a generous friend by the end of the night. Now two hours later the house is quiet while both boys are asleep. This rarely happens in parenting it feels like. 

So cheers to all you parents out there dealing with bedtime routines, bedtime battles and all that jazz. Good night.