Today was a cold day. Even the Midwest people were saying it was cold. We are deciding to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.


Wish you were here

To all my friends back in the California heat wave right now all I can say is… Wish you were here. 

So far the weather in NY is nice reminding me of California winters. I’m enjoying and soaking it all in for now before the weather starts going down south. 

Who cares

Who cares for the rain we are going to play outside anyways!

My goal so far has been to give my kids a chance to go outside everyday no matter the weather. Today was a test run here with bundling up and letting my son play in rain puddles and walk in the rain. Coming from sunny California this is a start of a new challenge for us and everyone around the seminary does not seem to care about the weather change except my other CA friend. 

We exchange comments about how we have no clothes for the winter, how we have our space heaters on already and how we officially have to start wearing wool socks. Yes people make fun of us for bundling up so early in the game of colder weather, so I have decided to say who cares to the cold weather. 

At least we were the only ones outside jumping in rain puddles :o) simple joys of life.

All the leaves are falling down…

Here we are the start off fall. It feels very official now since the start of fall is seen everywhere here in New York because of the change in colors. Back in California we never experienced this change since the weather keeps warm or hot all year round and when it does cool down a degree or two then it always climbs back up to the normal warm/hot a few days later. Outfits remain the same all year round really, maybe an occasional sweater or jacket to buy will add that fall feeling to your wardrobe.

“I don’t think the weather is going to be getting warmer” says my frightful husband that has never truly lived in a weather changing place his whole life. I for once am going to enjoy these seasons for a while. Maybe when the snow comes and we can’t go outside anymore then I will have a different opinion, but for now my opinion remains.

All the leaves are falling down red, orange, yellow and brown. Yes all seasonal crafts that we can do and actually experience the season sounds like a good mom time to me.